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Before I met Dame Nicola, I was living a life that was extremely “routine”. My money management was horrible to say the least. I paid my bills on time, and had some fun here and there, but I never saved or invested any money at all.
Once I became a client, I also became a Pink Millionaire Member. I have established consistent savings and working on my Income Protection Plan. Being under Dame Nicola’s mentorship has caused me to dream again and not just “dream” but I have learned to strategically work towards my dreams, so that they can become my reality.


Entrepreneur Pink Millionaire Diamond Member

I love Dame Nicola’s mentorship because it has not only helped me in my business, but it has also helped me in my personal life.
She’s also been able to help me to achieve massive financial goals through her mentorship as well. So, I already know joining her Pink Millionaire Club was going to take me to a whole different level mentally, spiritually and financially.
I’m super excited for what she has in store and I wholeheartedly endorse anything that Dame Nicola does!


Mentee and Pink Millionaire Club Diamond

Before being mentored by Dame Nicola, I was making money, but not clear on properly budgeting, saving and investing. Since joining, I am more focused and have learned to apply the PINKPrint™ system in my life and business. I also moved into a senior position with my company.
I decided to upgrade to the Diamond membership and it has totally taken me to another level in business. I have strengthened my personal development and moved past many of my fears I didn’t even know I had surrounding money.
My financial knowledge has increased and I am in awe of the Money Mansion System! I have secured the appropriate insurance policies and started investing in stocks and practicing the infinite banking system as well. I am confident I am well on my way to becoming a Millionaire!


Mentee and Pink Millionaire Club Diamond

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